The Way Forward

Our vision: governments around the world engage citizens directly and regularly in making key decisions, as do companies with their employees, and families with their members.

Our technology: an organization or community of any size, anywhere, uses our platform to connect with a global team and make decisions that are more inclusive, transparent and effective.

How to Crowdvote

  • 01


    Move “beyond binary” and create multiple proposals and options from which to select.

  • 02


    Cast multiple votes and rank proposals in order of preference.

  • 03


    Give the global team a percentage of your vote, so your entity complements its deep, local focus with a more broad view.

Where to Crowdvote


Early adoption will come worldwide from entities such as community groups; nonprofits/NGOs; small and medium-sized businesses; governments working in participatory budgeting; philanthropic foundations; and university student organizations.


Next, governmental jurisdictions at the regional and national level will engage their citizens in more regular polling, feedback and voting on actual programs, policies and legislation—with additional support provided by our global teams.


Eventually, we will make real progress on issues like climate change only thanks to deep engagement from hundreds of millions of people, not just leaders or representatives. Our vision: regular decision-making on policies related to climate (and other issues) that involve a large percentage of humanity.